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Special Call for Submissions - California Coastal Act Symposium Issue


  • In recognition of the fortieth anniversary of the passage of the California Coastal Act, the Stanford Environmental Law Journal is soliciting short articles highlighting the Act’s significance for California, the United States, and the world. Articles chosen for publication will be featured in the Journal’s 2016 Fall Quarter edition.

Article Scope and Requirements:

  • Articles should address the history and implementation of the Coastal Act and its key provisions, significant challenges to its effectiveness, and/or needs for the Coastal Act to be updated to address emerging issues. Example topics include:
    • Implementation of the Coastal Act’s public access provisions as California’s population grows and becomes more ethnically diverse.
    • The role of the Coastal Act in protecting California’s coastal wetlands, sensitive habitats, and agricultural lands in the face of ongoing development pressure and climate change.
    • The Coastal Act’s application to coastal energy development, including with respect to fossil fuel and nuclear energy as well as coastal and offshore renewables.
    • The broader role of the Coastal Act, and the institutions that it created, in the governance of California’s coastal and marine resources.
  • We aim to make these articles accessible to a wide variety of readers, including non-academic audiences. Accordingly, articles need not be limited to traditional law journal-style writing, and articles with a policy lens will be welcomed.
  • While traditional long-form articles may be submitted, shorter articles will be preferred. The preferred article length is 5,000-7,500 words, although both shorter and longer articles may be accepted for publication.


  • Please submit a statement of interest to by August 15, 2016. Statements of interest should provide a brief synopsis of the proposed article.
  • Articles may be submitted until September 15, 2016. Please submit at with the subject line “[Name] CA Coastal Act Submission.”
  • The Stanford Environmental Law Journal board will review submissions as they are received. Authors whose articles are accepted for publication will be notified, and will work with Journal editors to prepare their articles for publication in the 2016 Fall Quarter edition of the Stanford Environmental Law Journal.