The journal is founded on the recognition that the challenges facing todayʼs policy makers are complex for both scientific and legal reasons, & solutions will require pioneering, cross-disciplinary collaboration. As a source for practical, peer-reviewed, & relevant thinking of this type, the journal aims to be a valuable resource for policy makers. LSP is published online twice a year, and is freely accessible online.

What Separates LSP from other academic journals?

  • Robust peer-review process results in high-quality articles
  • Encouragement of interdisciplinary authorship teams
  • Interdisciplinary editing team comprised of law students & graduate students from across Stanford University
  • Page limit to ensure that articles are appropriate length for policy makers
  • Eco-friendly & open-access online publication
  • Semi-annual interdisciplinary symposia drawing researchers & policy experts from across the nation


The flagship of the journal are semi-annual interdisciplinary symposia. We also welcome submissions with interdisciplinary authorship teams. If you are interested in submitting a piece for publication, please view our submission guidelines.
Peer Review Process

The journal uses a double-blind peer review format to ensure the highest quality published material. At least one legal and scientific scholar will review every submitted article. The exceptions to this peer review are "Perspectives" pieces, which aim to present timely opinions from leading scholars, and our first volume on Biobanking.

Proper Citation Format

Per legal citation rules (the Bluebook system of citation), you would cite an article as: Author, Title, volume number STAN. J.L. SCI. & POL'Y page on which article begins, pincite (year published), web address.


Mark H. Carr, Emily Saarman, & Margaret R. Caldwell, The Role of “Rules of Thumb” in Science-Based Environmental Policy, 2 STAN. J.L. SCI. & POL'Y 1, 10 (2010) 


SJLSP is run by the executive board of graduate students at Stanford University with the help of our Advisory Board. To further our goal of promoting high quality interdisciplinary scholarship, we are assisted by an advisory board made up of distinguished member of the Stanford Facutly. The journal is staffed by graduate students from an array of departments at Stanford. If you are a Stanford graduate student interested in interdisciplinary scholarship, we invite you to apply to join our team.