The Stanford Juornal of Law, Business & Finance - SJLBF (ISSN: 1078-8794) publishes two issues in each volume per academic year.  Current publication for FY14 is Volume 19.  Volume prices are $45.00 domestic, and $53.00 international.  The price for a single issue is $28.00 plus shipping fees of $5.00 per issue with in the U.S., and $15.00 per issue outside the U.S.

To subscribe, please contact:

Julie Yee, Journal Business Manager
Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance
Stanford Law School
559 Nathan Abbott Way
Stanford, CA  94305-8610

#650-723-2747 (Work)
#650-724-5714 (Fax)

California sales tax is due where applicable.  All subscriptions are for the volume year and will be renewed automatically unless the subscriber provides a timely notice of cancellation in writing.