Symposium: Prosecutorial Discretion: Ethics, Practice and Policy (May 16, 2014)

The Stanford Journal of Criminal Law and Policy hosted its inaugural symposium, titled "Prosecutorial Discretion: Ethics, Practice and Study," on May 16, 2014. Panels included discussions surrounding the three articles published in our first issue, as well as a lunchtime Intelligence Squared-style debate on the prompt: "Good People Should Not Be Prosecutors" (for more information on this debate format, visit Below you'll find a copy of our flyer for the event, as well as photos and videos from the panel discussions.

How Prosecutors Make Decisions (Ron Wright, Avani Mehta Sood, Aya Gruber, George Fisher)

Debate: Good People Should Not Be Prosecutors (Laurie Levenson, Paul Butler, Laura Duffy, Larry Marshall, David Patton)

Prosecutor King: Comparing Discretion Across Borders (Erik Luna, Máximo Langer, Jonathan Simon, David Sklansky, Chris Slobogin)

Prosecutors as Problem Solvers: Discretion in the War on Drugs (Mark Osler, Robert Weisberg, Shawn Halbert, Thea Johnson, Vaughn Walker)